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Your beauty is unique, like your classes.

Your beauty is unique, like your classes.

At Tijiko we are interested in promoting the development of your self-confidence and personal care. That is why you can connect with the best beauty experts who will teach you new techniques and solve your doubts in a tailored fashion—from learning how to create the perfect smoky eye for your own eyeshape to understanding how to maintain your skin looking great.

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Hi, I'm Daniela, a professional makeup artist with 4 years of experience in which I have worked as a makeup artist for celebrities, campaigns, editorials, magazines and brides....

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Hi, I'm Fabs. I dedicate myself to social, editorial makeup and the recreation of characters. Additionally, I am a YouTuber and I am passionate about teaching and sharing my makeup knowledge....

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Hi there! I'm Natalia, professional makeup artist. My goal is through learning different techniques you build the best version of yourself....

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“I loved the experience. It was the best!”

Laura, Colombia

Laura chose Tijiko because she wanted to be able to solve the doubts she had regarding her eyebrows and makeup that were not so easy to solve on other platforms. In her own words, “After this experience I believe more in myself and my self-esteem has increased a lot. I felt so pretty.”