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What we do

Tijiko is a global platform that aims to help people live their best life by building self-confidence and self-empowerment through a family of products. We do this by connecting users with highly empathic lifestyle coaches from all around the globe who, in turn, help people gain a deeper appreciation for knowledge, culture, style and ultimately life itself. Tijiko leverages the latest technology to be more human-centered, more natural.



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Our name

Our name Tijiko (tee-jee-ko) is inspired by one of the oldest trees in the world. It goes by the name of Old Tjikko. This ancient Swedish tree has roots that are nearly 10,000 years old that pass information from one offshoot to the next. Tijiko, our platform, is the same. It thrives on its deeply rooted network of experts who bring delight and confidence to our users.

Meet our experts


Hi, I'm Daniela, a professional makeup artist with 4 years of experience in which I have worked as a makeup artist for celebrities, campaigns, editorials, magazines and brides....

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Hi, I'm Fabs. I dedicate myself to social, editorial makeup and the recreation of characters. Additionally, I am a YouTuber and I am passionate about teaching and sharing my makeup knowledge....

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Hi, I'm Margarita! For the last 15 years I have taught over 180 children in general education in both classroom and private settings. As an educator with a Masters degree, I believe stimulating all the senses is essential to motivating the innate curiosity of a child....

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What we offer

An easy all-in-one experience so you can focus on what matters

Video call

To start your video session, all you need is a web link. There is no need to download an app.


All our calls are encrypted end-to-end automatically and we do not share your data with third parties.


Your session is booked directly on our platform. It’s easy, just pick the date and time.


Payments are handled on our platform. We accept major credit and debit cards.

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Second Opportunities

Collaboration with Fundación Acción Interna

Tijiko +
Acción Interna


At the start of the year, Tijiko took part in offering second opportunities through a partnership with the Acción Interna Foundation led by Johana Bahamón. They focus on transforming and reconciling the prison population with civil society. Tijiko provided virtual DIY makeup classes taught by top national beauty experts, seeking to contribute to the rediscovery of the participants' confidence.

Tijiko +
Acción Interna


Tijiko offered 2 hours of realtime support from our beauty experts, who through our platform shared takeaways via personalized sessions. Each makeup kit that Tijiko donated was tailored to each person’s skin specifications. The goal was to master basic everyday makeup best used for social gatherings and job interviews.

Tijiko +
Acción Interna


At the end the results were achieved. Everyone came out feeling more confident and more knowledgeable. They had a wonderful experience that gave them tools to develop new skills, skills they can use as part of their resocialization process.

“I loved the experience. It was the best!”

Laura, Colombia

Laura chose Tijiko because she wanted to be able to solve the doubts she had regarding her eyebrows and makeup that were not so easy to solve on other platforms. In her own words, “After this experience I believe more in myself and my self-esteem has increased a lot. I felt so pretty.”

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